Music on my Mind – Presenting LMFAO

April 12, 2011
Music Love

I thought I would share the song I am currently obsessed with. I caught the end of the clip on Video Hits the other morning which I instantly thought was a wannabe Black Eyed Peas (and we all know what I think of them). But the one thing that did stroke me, in all of the thirty seconds I heard/saw was that they were probably a whole lot better than BEP but I quickly pushed them out of my mind. Later that very day however, my sister comes to visit and starts talking about this song she posted on my Facebook, the exact same song as it turns out. She’s telling me it reminds her of House Play and their infamous dance-off scene so I get her to show me it but due to the internet being slow as a wet week I don’t really get to watch it properly except for the part where they’re all shuffling which I admit looks pretty neat.

Then yesterday I decided to watch it properly and without interruption. Yep, you’d better believe I’m obsessed with it! Before I go into vivid detail about why I love it, you should probably watch it first:

Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

So after I had a big ol’ whinge about loathing that Black Eyed Peas song and clip “I’mma Rock Right Now” or whatever the hell that claptrap was called, why do I like a song that at first glance appears like a total rip off? Well for one thing, the song doesn’t change 86 times, nor does the clip ljump around liek it’s on fast forward. These guys wake up 28 days after their song is released and everyone is constantly shuffling which I must admit, it about as scary as a world taken over by zombies. Then they start shuffling and there’s an epic group dance scene (where they do indeed do the Funky Charleston briefly). There are some amazing dance moves like the guy who flips off his elbow and I will be perfectly honest, I think the fashion is fantastic. I am not ashamed of my love of over-the-top sci-fi-esque 80s fashion they’re wearing and wish I could get away with wearing some of that stuff (ain’t no way in hell anyone will ever see my ass in a pair of zebra print leggings).

I also love the fact it’s all about having a good time, dancing and nothing much else. Oh and there is such a wide variety of people in the clip. Basically if you can shuffle dance then you’re in, even if you’re not a waif or especially easy on the eye. I also like the fact it’s made a dance style (ie the Melbourne Shuffle) which I always disliked but upon seeing it done so well, I wish I could do it too. I guess if the people I’ve seen do it were in big groups instead of by their drunken selves, I might have appreciated it more! It’s also really neat to see the behind the scenes for the clip. I never thought such a simple dance moved needed to be choreographed so thoroughly. Oh and check out the choreographer Hokuto Konish, boy is fine as hell and check out that awesome hair!

Unfortunately the other songs by LMFAO aren’t quite as awesome, “I’m in Miami Trick” got overplayed to death (I actually learned a hip hop dance to it well before it became popular so I feel a certain smugness about it). Then there’s “La La La” which ain’t too bad but instantly reminded me of Lisa Frank.

I have so many fond memories of Lisa Frank stickers and backpacks in high school. WHY did I throw it all out???

So that’s my music discovery for the week. Stay tuned for when my sister and I manage to learn the dance and end up youtubing it after too much wine/sugar!

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