My Simple Pleasures

February 15, 2011
Body and Soul, My Life

After writing about the things that scare me the other day and because I am off sick from work and need cheering up, I thought it would be nice to list all of  the things that bring me intense pleasure. You know, the simple things that most people don’t even bat an eyelid over usually. I’m also not talking about sexual stuff, this ain’t that kind of blog ;)

  • Cold material between my fingers and toes. Especially satin. Once you’ve rubbed it warm you move along to a cool patch and continue. My favourite blanket as a little kid was called blue blankey and I rubbed its satin edges so much that they almost all wore away.
  • A fresh nail colour. Especially when it’s a colour you don’t normally choose (for me they’re colours like red and blue) which look magnificent on you.
  • Buying a new CD. I don’t care if downloading albums is the way of the future, I will never stop buying CDs and loving the feeling of getting it home, unwrapping it and playing it for the first time.
  • New makeup. Especially when you get freebies! Because I use a lot of Clinique, I can usually time my purchases to when they have their Bonus Time which means heaps of cute sample-sized freebies. So there’s the joy of fresh, new makeup plus a bunch of other things in cute sized containers to test out.
  • A favourite food that I haven’t had in a long while. I had this recently with a cheese sandwich. So simple but so rarely had and so damn delicious!
  • New shoes! One of the greatest pleasures in life for almost any person. Both practical and beautiful to behold. I just bought an amazing new pair which I will post about later!
  • A freshly cleaned house. Sometimes I can’t be bothered cleaning the whole house, so I will just clean a bathroom of vacuum the floors and then spend the next hour checking on how clean it is and feeling very accomplished. Having the whole house sparking means I get to strut around proudly for a good 2 to 3 hours at least.
  • Going for a long walk on a beautiful day. I love nature and seeing it in all it’s glory on a lovely, warm day fills me with immense happiness. I reckon most mild depressions could be cured if people spent more time enjoying what nature has to offer. A beautiful sunset, butterflies and dragonflies flitting by, water trickling, leaves rustling in a light breeze, gorgeous flowers and the sound of kids playing in the distance.
  • Finding something practical and boring like household appliances or sporting goods in PINK!

Tell me about the simple pleasures that fill you with joy.

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  • I love buying CD’s as well. Downloading music isn’t half as great as buying a new CD. Probably my favourite simple pleasures are getting hugs from people, cuddling my animals, buying clothes and drinking warm Milo.

  • You can add me to the long list of people who still enjoy buying CDs. There’s something special about holding a great album in your hands.