Meet Lily

February 9, 2011
Animals, My Life

I would like you to meet my mum’s new dog, Lily. She’s a very new addition to the family as mum only got her last Thursday. She was rescued from the floods up near Grantham and no one claimed her so a lady from the SES took her home hoping to find a new home for the little girl. Mum heard about her and was allowed to “trial” her for a few days (the lady who found her had grown quite attached, but wasn’t able to keep her).  It was immediately apparent this is one amazing little dog and so it looks like she will be a permanent member of our family.

She’s very loving, well-behaved and absolutely tiny! We don’t know how old she is but we suspect she’s had pups and is fully grown. We also don’t know what type of dog she is but she looks like a mini foxie x cattle dog (god knows how that rendezvous came about). She can be a little bit timid, especially around men, so there’s  chance she may not have been treated very nicely at some stage, but that’s all in the past baby!

Oh and in case you’re wondering about her poodle Beau… well he sadly has to go back to the RSPCA. He had acute separation anxiety which meant he tore the house apart and/or found a way to escape out of even the smallest cracks the moment mum left his sight. It was sad as he was quite a sweet dog when he had company, but mum has to work and she really did get an older dog to avoid that sort of thing. I hope he managed to find a good home with owners who could commit to making him better with his medication and training.

So please welcome Lily into our lives. I will possibly keep you updated on how she goes, with as little crazy-dog-lady obsessing as possible ;)

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  • As much crazy-dog-lady obsessing as you want is fine by me! That little dog is gorgeous (I have a huge soft spot for mini foxies)! She does look like a mini foxie x cattle dog, which is a pretty interesting mix.

  • Lily is such a darling! Poor girl seems to have had a bit of a rough life. Glad things have worked out for her, she’s lucky to have found you :)