What I Wore Week FAIL

November 22, 2010
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Well I failed to post a new outfit each day of the week. I really did try but there were some days when I literally didn’t have the time and others where I felt like I looked like arse, so I kind of gave up. I have a couple of outfits to post about still, but overall the week was not quite the epic success I’d hoped for. On the bright side though, I am now far less apprehensive about taking photos of what I’m wearing to post on the internet, which was really what I was hoping to achieve all along! So I will now post a new “What I Wore” as often as I’m feeling gutsy enough to show the world what I am wearing, which hopefully will be often!

Now I don’t want to just leave it there. I do have a photos from this weekend I’d like to share with you all. But before I do, I’d like to tell you about an obsession of mine. Small things. I like miniature versions of stuff. I find them irresistibly adorable and want to collect all small versions of normal, everyday things. My main focus with this obsession though are tiny hats. Particularly tiny top hats. I know they’re not new and the Japanese have been all over it for ages. But what can I say, I love them and have always fantasised about collecting them.

Well Saturday was my lucky day! I accidentally discovered a treasure trove of tiny top hats (among various other fantastic head wear) at a stall at the Paddington Antique Centre. I won’t give you any more detail as I don’t want too many people knowing my secret hot spot for cheap and darling hats. I bought a small brown one a few weeks before but was amazed to discover they had a wide range of them in various colours this time. I was good and only bought two but I’m pretty sure I will be back in the next week or two for another couple of them. So I now have a pink medium-sized tiny hat and a super duper tiny white hat (I’m pretty sure I will use it on my wedding day FYI). One day I’ll compile them all and do some sort of zany photo blog of them :D

Meanwhile, since I’m talking about amazing discoveries in Paddington, if you have any interest in vintage and retro fashion, I discovered the most amazing shop called Retro Metro. There’s technically two shops but they’re both named the same and owned and run by the same people, and literally across the street from each other. I bought the most outrageous dress from there, which I will be unveiling at my work Christmas party next month. It ain’t cheap, but it’s proper vintage and retro fashion that’s been specially picked for it’s uniqueness and quality. I found one pink 1950’s prom dress that was actually pleated tulle! I never knew such a thing existed and would have walked out with it if I had $300 or so to spare. And you know, shed about four dress sizes. I also nearly walked out with a Scala bowler hat but unfortunately my enormous head doesn’t fit into a size small men’s hat :( But I seriously suggest you check it out if you live in Brisbane. Just make sure you save up your pennies first!

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