What I Wore WEEK – Day 1

November 13, 2010
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I hate taking photos of myself, especially full length ones where I have to show what I’m wearing. I don’t know why and I know it’s really silly but it just kind of freaks me out, so no matter what amazing outfit I’m wearing, I refuse to take photos of it. BUT THAT IS GOING TO STOP! Of all the blogs out there with girls who have regular “outfit of the day” posts, I am probably better dressed and generally more fabulous than 98% of them, so why am I so freaking shy about it?

To combat this, I am forcing myself to post my daily outfit each day for the next week. Even if it’s some daggy crap I wear to work, I am showing it off. I am hoping it will a) help me get over their stupid phobia I have and b) show you all how great I look everyday, usually for CHEAP. So here I go, day one is Saturday 13th November:

Today’s outfit as what I wore on a day shopping in the City. Man oh man I spent some money today, I just got paid and boy did I act like it! As per usual, I went with mostly black with a splash of pink. I also dressed comfortable since I knew there’s be a lot of walking.

Can I just point out this amazing bra? It was really cheap, in fact $20 from Trade Secret and is a cup size smaller than I usually wear but fits like a dream and makes my boobs look fantastic. When I talk about finding a good bra to help enhance your assets, this is what I am talking about!

And how about these shoes? Mum bought them from some little boutique in an outer suburb of Ipswich but they didn’t fit her so I bought them off her because I couldn’t bare the thought of her returning them! Pearls and diamantes, OH HELL YES!

Top/s – Supre (pink singlet with black lace shirt over top)
Tutu – Jay Jay’s
Leggings – Supre
Shoes – Unknown
Necklace – Made by my mum

OK so that wasn’t too bad (well, unless we’re talking about photo quality, coz yeah, I need to find a different setting on my camera ASAP). tay tuned for tomorrow’s post, the new dress I have is SHIT HOT and nothing like what I usually wear!

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  • Em

    YES! I adore. I hope you post more outfit pictures! You look awesome (and boobtastic)

  • Jade

    BAZOOMS! lovin the shoes