November 29, 2010
My Life, Pissed Off, Rants


I have the dreadful track record of everything going wrong on a Monday. Today was a total doozie. I’m a firm believe in getting stuff of your chest to help make you feel better so let me tell you about how my day started:

After forcing myself out of bed at a reasonable time (I’ve been sleeping in a lot lately and decided this week would be different) I got ready without too much fuss. As I got up a but earlier I had just enough time to make a decent breakfast… except TWO lots of milk were randomly off (and chunky to boot, uuggghh) followed by the discovery that my fancy new bread was now hosting what I can only assume was the start of a new civilisation (aka nasty ass mould).  After I sort that mess out, I’m now about to run late so end up having a rushed and unsatisfactory breakkie before realising I’m now running late. I run down to my car, since I have been transferred to an office where there’s no public transport (don’t even get me started about that) only to get stopped and abused for ten minutes for parking somewhere I shouldn’t park (my bad, but man ten freaking minutes it lasted). So I’m late to work where I discover I left my packed lunch on my bed. FFFFUUUUUUU!!!

But I’m not one to dwell too much and have lots of cool stuff coming up to take my mind of what was possibly the worst Monday of 2010. For example, festival season is upon us with Stereosonic this weekend. I’ll be the sweaty girl checking your tickets, in case you’re going to the one in Brisbane, so try not to look like too much of a douche or else I may not let you in ;) But seriously, I am looking forward to December for all of the festivals, my Vampire-themed birthday party (yes I still do theme parties and always will) and having a week off over Christmas and New Years to relax at my mum’s place and then party party PARTY!

What are your plans for the last month of 2010?

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