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June 7, 2010
My Life, Weekly Wrap, What I Wore, Zombie Walk

I am a strong believer in not writing unless I have something worthwhile to say, hence why I have been a bit quiet round here lately! But I also believe sometimes it’s a good idea to blog about random things and not just about one subject each and every time. Which is why I am writing right now! I figured I’d keep ya’ll updated on what’s occupying me so that you k now I’ve not just ditched my blog and moved on to other things.

OMG look who is dressed corporate! That’s right, me! After getting so many excellent comments on my last post, I figured I’d suck it up and get some good corporate pieces to start myself off and see how I went. Even more shocking, I got both the short and skirt at Cue! On Friday after work while killing time before an appointment I accidentally discovered they were having a sale and found this gorgeous pencil skirt and shirt or over half price. Of course, being the spend thrift I usually am, this was still pretty pricey for what I’d planned to spend but damn they’re so nice! The skirt is lovely and fits so well and doesn’t give me the dreaded fat-office-chair-arse! It has a cute ruffle at the back but I’m afraid I am not yet brave enough to go posting pictures of my butt on the internet (sorry guys!). This picture doesn’t do the outfit justice as I was tired after a long Monday at work, plus I have a cold and am pretty run down. But I got lots of positive comments at work, my team leader was so delighted when she saw me walk into work! So it was definitely worth it. Now to brave the dreaded work pants which I also managed to buy this weekend (though as it turns out I’ve gone down a pants size so I was actually kind of excited about the pants in the end).

As I mentioned, I have gone and gotten myself another cold. I was still suffering from the one I got months ago and then BAM along comes another one! The fact I forget to wear jackets all the time probably played a significant part in this so I have no one to blame but myself. As such I spent the weekend at my mum’s place to chill out and avoid the temptation of going out (which was hard as a close friend was having a farewell do on Saturday night). As such I learned a new skill: SEWING! Yep, I’ve moved on from scrapbooking to sewing! I’ve always wanted my own sewing machine so I can remodel all my old, daggy clothes and I have sewn one or two minor things in my life, but this weekend I spent an afternoon learning how to sew a jungle-themed cushion! Oh yes! It’s not yet finished but I was pretty proud of my efforts and may well show off the finished product whenever I get around to it! And to prove it really happened:


We are getting right into the organisation of the Brisbane Zombie Walk for 2010. Right now we are looking or sponsors to help us make sure the walk actually happens! We’re getting together business proposals and all sorts of crazy stuff I never thought I’d find myself doing in the name of zombies! So far the walk is set to take place on Sunday 24th October, though there is a slim chance that could change. I’ve just designed a logo for the walk (sneak peak here) and am now going to start redesigning the website which is very daunting but also pretty exciting. We’ll soon have the option where people can register, and for those extra nice people, donate money at the same time.
We’re actually looking for volunteers for helping out with this years walk, if you or someone you know is interested PLEASE let me know by emailing zombie@brisbanezombiewalk.com as we need all the help we can get!

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