Music on my Mind – Part 1

May 9, 2010
Music Love, My Life

I love music (as I keep reminding everyone) and apparently it really loves me back. Almost every morning I wake up with a new and totally random song in my head, and more often than not I cannot explain how it got there. Take this morning for example. For no reason that I could come up with, I woke up with “On My Radar” by Britney Spears in my head. I don’t listen to Britney actively, if ever, so I was bewildered by the presence o this song to say the very least. Not that I should be, considering I find I can on justify one out of every five songs I find playing over and over in my head. But still, I can’t recall having heard the song in ages, if anything I would have expected my person fave like “Womanizer” which I like to sing loudly at inappropriate moments!

So, because it amuses me and I don’t feel like I write enough about music, I am going to keep track of the songs I find in my head, particularly the ones I wake up with and the ones that are a little bit obscure (in the sense of how they got there not a in how unknown/indie they are). As part of this I will explain my connection to the song (if any), my guesses at how it got there and maybe even some little-known facts about the song/artist to jazz it up a little.

Today I had “Telephone” by Lady Gaga/Beyonce in my head. Not a huge shock since I love that song to death, but I’m not sure how it got stuck and why I feel compelled to yell the words to it as much as possible. Actually, maybe it’s because I keep thinking (and laughing) about this all week:

Fucking hilarious! Stay tuned!

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  • schwimmerin

    I love that video! The costumes are the best.

    Yesterday I played “Just Dance” on the Wii, which is an awesome game, and we definitely danced to “Womanizer.” Excellent song for inappropriate moments!

  • theravensclaw

    as someone who also has a broken jukebox for a brain be thankful that your songs are from modern tunes. I had a Dolly Parton song in my head last week… Also that video is epic. I hope Lady Gaga goes and performs for the troops. Im sure she’d get a kick out of that vid