I can’t live without rage-ahol!

March 21, 2010
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I have spent the last week being full of rage and generally annoyed at just about everything going wrong around me. I’m actually not that cranky a person  typically and so my usual rants are usually tongue-in-cheek and mostly just for laughs or to get something off my chest quickly and effectively. But sometimes my venting doesn’t help all the time and nature does its thing and I end up in a bad mood that I can’t shake. I pretty much have  to ride it out and be as tactful as possible to avoid excessive ranting or hurting someone’s feelings by getting carried away. As a result this week has been hell and I am hoping so badly that I will be over it this week. After all, I’ve just started a new job (I’ll have been there one month from tomorrow) and I’d hate to tarnish it with this unexplained bad mood!

As a result I made sure to have a nice quiet weekend doing some of the things I love which I think has helped me immensely. These included going to see Alice in Wonderland at the movies on Friday night (which I loved, by the way) before coming home to find my good friends over with their Wii console where we battled it out with Wii Tennis, which I am shocking at but love it none-the-less. On Saturday I slept in late, watched Video Hits and old cartoons before slowly getting ready and catching up with some friends at an afternoon punk show. That evening I headed to my mum’s for the night where we stayed up late watching movies on TV and chatting. On Sunday we bummed around the house, did some scrapbooking, watched blue wren’s teaching their babies how to forage for food and use the bird bath (Cutest. Thing. Ever!), ate way too much food, ran some errands (which resulted in my almost having a seizure from laughing so much, I kid you not). Then it was home for $5 steak with a friend and now I am feeling refreshed for the new week, especially since it’s my first 7:30am shift at this job and the first one I’ve done in years (I really do not do early mornings so this will be a massive learning curve for me).

My plans for this week include getting back on track with my healthy eating regime, exercising an extra day this week and preparing myself for Lady Gaga on Friday night! I am too excited to comprehend and I still don’t know what to wear yet!!!

How do you  get over an extended bad mood? Do you have battle tactics to fight it, or do you just succumb and let it take over?


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