What was January 2010

February 1, 2010
My Life

I thought I’d do something a little bit different and write about what’s kinda  happening in my life right now, particularly since January is now over and I made such a huge fuss about having New Years resolutions this year and stuff.

  • I started a new eating plan with my friend Sarah, as arranged by our personal trainer (who I don’t actually go to any more but that’s irrelevant). It’s meant to be a temporary kick-start sort of thing to get your metabolism racing and cleanse you out but I actually really enjoy it and will stick to it for a while, I think. It’s all about low fat, low carb and high protein. No red meats so only fish and chicken and tonnes of vegies. It’s also been forcing me to have proper breakfasts (ie. three egg whites with spinach leaves) which has done me wonders. I always knew breakfast was good for you but I always just has a yoghurt when I got to work, which was never enough for me clearly, because now I feel awesome and have so much energy every morning! So combined with lots of regular exercise I am losing weight quickly and healthily!
  • It’s taken us most of January but we’re 99% we have somewhere to move. We’ve had some major issues with our landlord giving us bad references which has caused us nothing but grief, but we managed to smooth it over and we’ve been told we pretty much have the unit we really wanted. It’s not only bigger, brighter and nicer to look at, it’s CHEAPER and just across the road from where we live now! Can you say FUCK YEAH??? So excited. Just hope there’s nothing that can go wrong because like I said, we’re only 99% sure we have it…
  • January was always going to be a fairly quiet month (well as quiet as they ever really get for me, anyway) because February is going to be HUGE. This week I am getting myself prepared for my 10 Year high school reunion on Saturday night. I’d been looking forward to it til about last week and I feel more dread as the days count down. I do have an amazing dress and will doll up so hopefully people will not bother to ask about my career or any of that boring, serious adult stuff and instead focus on how HAWT I got. After the reunion I am spending every weekend at a music festival. Feb 13th is Good Vibrations in Sydney, Feb 20th is Soundwave and the 27th is Future Music (both in Brisbane). Told ya I was going to every festival I could afford and has artists I wanna see! I am going to be friggen exhausted in March!
  • So my spending habits have not improved for 2010 thus far. I did pretty well there for a while but I am a shopaholic and I’ll never change. I think I’ve bought about five new dresses so far and two pairs of shoes. I did clear out a LOT of stuff to give to my friends and the op-shop’s though so it’s not like I am really adding anything to my collection ;)

So far January has been a bit average, but that’s only because of how massive February is going to be. God knows I can only handle so much excitement! Fingers crossed everything works out well for me in all of the above, eh?


(both in Brisbane).

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