Bring it on Twenty-Ten!

January 3, 2010
My Life

New Years Day with my Holga

Well 2010 is here and I wave goodbye to 2009 and wish it well and hope the door doesn’t hit its arse on the way out. So far I have spent the whole of 2010 being drunk/hungover/sleeping which I feel is a decent start, really. My resolutions aren’t doing incredibly well so but it’s only been two days, give me a break!  I did make a more concerted effort to take lots of photos though I daresay I will regret that since I used up a roll of film on my Holga which I probably shouldn’t have. Ah well the memories will be priceless (I hope). I also ate pizza AND McDonald’s already which I rarely do anyway but then again I was fairly drunk each time this happened so I will excuse myself temporarily. I also didn’t win the lotto either which I had some major plans or – $30 million would have helped me out in many amazing ways. But aside from being a fatty boom-ba and not a millionaire this year is going well so far. I have high hopes for 2010 and will make the most of this year and will look back on it and think “Yep, I did real good”. I had some nasty things happen to me last year (says the girl who was overseas three times in ’09) but I will turn them around and use them to my advantage! You just wait!

In the meantime I am off to make the most of my Sunday by chilling out, sleeping in nice and late and making plans for the year ahead!


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