Random Thoughts – Being Nice, Boys & Girls & Healthiness

October 8, 2009
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I often have huge big, meaningful thoughts about important matters that I feel I should share but rarely get to. Usually this happens while I am doing boring things like showering, putting on makeup, cleaning the house or buying groceries so I don’t have anyone to talk to them about (and my poor goldfish memory causes me to forget about them when I see  friends, but my excellent long-term memory remembers them many days later). Well, I guess that’s why I have a blog!

  • Being nice gets you everywhere. This should be common sense but a lot of people think that being nice just means you get screwed over and so it’s the arseholes who get everything their way. This can be true in some cases, after all it is the nasty customer who kicks up a stink who gets free stuff while the nice one who doesn’t say a word gets nothing at all. But it’s not always true, not by a long shot. I find that being polite and super nice where appropriate gets you a very long way. I’m always trying to be as nice as possible when dealing with strangers (when not overwhelmed with shyness, of course) and I’m always getting loveliness in return and in some cases I have received free stuff! I’ve had cranky people cheer up after being nice to them, and I’ve been cheered up myself when feeling moody by other cheerful people. And there’s nothing better than the feeling of knowing you were super nice to someone and possibly made their day brighter as a result!
  • “Guys and girls can’t be friends” is such a broad statement and many people can attest to the fact this is not always true. I’d like to see it changed to “Guys can’t be friends with girls”. OK so that’s pretty broad too but I find this is the case most of the time. Girls have no problems being friend with guys, rarely do they become friendly with guys to get closer to them with the hopes of going out with or sleeping with them nor do they find themselves wanting to shag their guy-friends after being friends with them for a while. In my experience guys struggle with this. It’s as though they can’t physically have a friendship with a girl without ending up wanting to shag them at some stage, often from the get go (though I am told the exception is when the girl is ugly though I bet that’s not always true). I have had this happen to me many times – I am friends with a guy and I think all is swell and totally platonic but then I get a rude shock when it is revealed they have some sort of crush on me. And all I ever did was be a nice person to them! I’ve even had it happen with guys who I am a total bitch to! It’s a great shame because I enjoy having guys as friends. There’s nit much you can do though, one of my dearest friends was very straightforward when we first met in telling me he liked me, so I honestly told him I wasn’t interested in anything more than a friendship and so we became close friends and we’ve never looked back! If you find out a male friend likes you more than as a friend, be honest and upfront. Don’t “give it a go” to spare his feelings because you’ll probably end up losing a good friendship as a result when you break up later on down the track.
  • Being healthy is EXPENSIVE & HARD! I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter which we all know is BAD so now I am on a general health kick which means healthy eating, lots of exercise and not beating myself up if ever I have a binge or decide to skip the gym one evening. It doesn’t mean I am shedding lots of weight quickly, but I am now really fit and feeling healthier than I ever have in my life. Hopefully the weight will fall off in its own time, but as long as I am healthy then I’m happy enough. But god it’s hard! No wonder people are so fat these days. After a week in Japan I noticed just how fat Australians are – when we get fat we get FAT! And no wonder! Fatty foods are cheap, convenient and more appealing. Healthy foods cost much more, they’re harder to find because half of what you think is healthy ain’t healthy at all, it’s slow and sure as hell don’t smell as good as pizza or KFC! I get so angry when non-fat people say comments about fat people needing to “just stop eating crap” because it’s not at all that easy! If I could get drive through salad (that’s not that nasty shit Macca’s tries to call a salad) that was the same price as a burger meal and tasted really good and was really good for you and not full of nasty, fatty surprises then man, we’d all be a lot slimmer! I spend at least twice more on groceries than my housemates simply because I eat healthy. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!

OK that’s all my random thoughts for today. I am sure there will be many more to come!


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