I am going to Japan!

June 5, 2009
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This afternoon when I checked my email, I didn’t for one minute think I would end up booking a flight overseas by the end off the day. But I found an amazing deal for 2 for 1 flights that I couldn’t resist and it just took one email to A and withing an hour two flights were booked to Japan in September! And for so, so cheap!

I’ve wanted to go to Japan for ages. I’m not one of those Japan-crazed girls who thinks everything the Japanese do is the best thing ever and so only listen to Japanese music, watch Japanese films/TV and dress like a typical Japanese school girl or do that cos play thing. I mostly just like weird and random shit, which the Japanese seem to have pretty much perfected. I also think Japan looks like a beautiful country, and I have had many friends who have been there say very good things about the place. So, now it’s my turn!

It’s for eight days so a short trip, really. We’ll probably just stay in Tokyo as we’re going to be a bit pushed for money given such short notice and everything. But a week in a crazy city like Tokyo will be perfect, I daresay. Plus I’m not wanting to do all the touristy stuff per say, I just want to experience Tokyo as thoroughly as possible, which probably means lots of wandering around and getting lost (something I mastered in almost every major and minor city that I’ve ever been to). It is going to be AWESOME!

The only things I’m determined to see is Harajuku (I’m told Sunday is the day to go) and Tokyo Disney. Therefore I need suggestions for cool stuff to see and do around Tokyo. Cool shopping districts, interesting sights, famous landmarks, crazy multi-leveled sex-shops, entertainment districts etc. So please give me some ideas of what to see and do around Tokyo! Oh and an idea of how much things cost would be a really nice bonus too.

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  • hugz

    yeah tokyo is amazing and getting lost is all the fun we found amazing bars and places to hang out there harajuku on sunday is ok the rockabilly guys and gals are a big ++ the cos-play on the bridge is dead only one girl with john wayne wannabe japanese men saying no photos if you want any tips or places to stay let me know