Supanova 2009

April 7, 2009
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It’s no big secret but I am a bit of a geek. I wouldn’t consider myself a nerd, but I love a lot of geeky stuff very passionately. My biggest love is Harry Potter but I enjoy a wide range of fantasy and sci-fi books, comics and films. So it’s no surprise that I always look forward to Supanova convention that happens in Brisbane each year. It’s technically a “pop culture” convention which means it covers everything from anime and manga to comic books and figurines. They have guest stars from popular TV shows and films, as well as famous comic artists and writers and lots and lots of stalls to spend copious amount of money on.

We ended up buying a ridiculous amount of comics (mostly Marvel) and a lot of figurines. I ended up getting the Danger Girl series, two more books in the Sin City series, two Marvel Zombies comics, Neil Gaiman’s Stardust and a new one called The Last Man which looks really good. My sidekick got a bunch of Batman and Wolverine comics and a ridiculous amount of figurines. We also got an XBOX 360 afterwards, possibly because we shopped ourselves into some sort of frenzy.

Aside from spending all my money on nerdish merchandise, I love people watching. Nerds are most interesting people to watch, particularly since they get dressed up as some o the most exotic characters. Admittedly I don’t know balls about anything anime/manga related so a lot of the costumes were lost on me, but I could still appreciate how good they were anyway. I loved seeing the super!geeks in their proper superhero costumes too. Not these crappy movie versions, but the real deal from the original comics. I also loved some of the half-arsed costumes we saw around the place. Like the two girls wearing children’s Pokemon costumes, or the guy wearing a towel as a cape. I’m hoping we’ll get the guts to dress up next year and share in some of the fun.

The only unfortunate thing about a lot of the people at Supanova is how rude they often are. You’ll be browsing and one will just come over and barge you out of the way without saying a word. I tried not to take too much offense seeing as how little people-skills a lot of the poor things probably had :D The other unfortunate thing was seeing so many Twilight fans. OK so I’ve read the books and seen the movie and do have a bit of a crush on Jacob. But holy crap it was pretty appalling to see all the Edward fangirls showing off their “Team Edward” shirts. I’d always been ashamed of admitting I’ve enjoyed read the books, now I find out people are proud fans?! A total eye-opener!

With out newly aquired booty
With our newly aquired booty


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